Leban Engineering & Home Inspection provides comprehensive Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS), or synthetic stucco, and hard coat stucco inspections. We utilize state of the art equipment to perform a thorough investigation, including non-intrusive and deep wall direct read probes. We have inspected hundreds of stucco homes in the Atlanta area and have the technical knowledge and field experience to provide the most comprehensive stucco inspection available today. EIFS inspections conform to the standards of the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA), National Association of Home Builders Research Center & the Atlanta Home Builders Association.

We provide a professional type written report identifying:

  • Observations

  • Moisture readings at all locations

  • Corrective action recommendations

  • Preventative maintenance recommendations

  • Photos

  • General maintenance items

We also provide comprehensive visual inspections for hard coat stucco homes, including a written report. This inspection is most useful to sellers who want documentation specifying the type of stucco on their house.

There are many different ways of distinguishing both hard coat and synthetic stucco, and we have seen many cases of builders, contractors and other inspectors incorrectly identifying the type of stucco. Adding to this confusion are the many types of non-standard, or hybrid, types of stucco. The surest way of identifying your stucco and any problem areas is to have an inspection by Leban Engineering & Home Inspection.





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